What Portal (And Breaking Bad) Taught Me About Writing

What does playing a video game have to do with writing a story? Well, if you’ve played any recent games, you’ve probably realized they’re becoming more and more story-driven. That’s because developers have realized that a good story will suck players in more than good gameplay alone. In fact, the best games have great gameplay¬†andContinue reading “What Portal (And Breaking Bad) Taught Me About Writing”

Pure Wizardry

Storytelling is wizardry. Storytellers are the most powerful people in history. I think we all know this on some level. He who can weave a tale with his words can pull at the inner parts of others. He can tug on motivations, biases, beliefs, desires, etc. It’s because we understand story on a primal level.Continue reading “Pure Wizardry”

Publish and Market Your Book Like a Pro…

Publishing and marketing can be confusing. There’s so much to keep track of that sometimes things just get forgotten, left behind, even when we have the best intentions. That’s where our publishing and marketing workbook comes in! This workbook will help you create a great publishing and marketing strategy, keep track of all the movingContinue reading “Publish and Market Your Book Like a Pro…”

Writer’s Block Isn’t Real

“…In the end it’s not about finished words in a certain period of time. it’s about getting that critic out of the way and immersing yourself in a flow of pure creativity. Do that, and you’re ding well.”-Johnny B. Truant Writer’s block isn’t real. Or at the very least it isn’t what you think itContinue reading “Writer’s Block Isn’t Real”